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Cats Love Bats

Bella is a shapeshifter who moves to Forks. Edward and her fall in love, see how their lives play out as their fates intertwin. Bella can kick butt and isn't so breakable. Vampire wolrd awsomeness with E/B; J/A; C/Es; Em/R. NC-17 for later chapters

Author: | 24 reads

The Elevator Ride

Edward Cullen works for Jasper Whitlock at Whitlock and Co Enterprises and had been in love with him since the first interview... After one steamy session in the elevator things begin to change for the both of them, Jasper can't seem to keep his mind off the green eyed Adonis. Drabble Fic...

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Warning: Controversial and most probably unpleasant theme. Harmful for the Cupcakes. Stephanie Plum made a decision and stopped being the Queen of Denial after a big mistake, and tried to put her life back together.  Theme Song : Frozen by Madonna.

Author: | 24 reads

Hostage The Honeymoon


At the end of story Hostage, NYPD SWAT boys Edward and Jasper married. This is their Honeymoon.    

Author: | 24 reads

Temporary Insanity

A collection of mini-stories about Temporary Insanity.  Starring: A Couple Uniform Cops, The Man of Mystery, etc.. Please note that the chapters may not be in a timely order.  Theme Song of this story: "You Might Think" by the Cars.

Author: | 24 reads

After the Fairytale

Christian and Ana have been divorced for 10 years and she is now living with Jose. It was an ugly divorce and she has full custody of the children. What really happened? Why did Christian allow it? Can they move on with their lives without destroying the children in the process? Is there any love left between them?

Author: | 24 reads

Unexpected Angel

Before school even starts Rosalie Hale is experiencing complications as PTO Vice President. But when an unexpected angel walks through the doors she may discover some perks to the job. 

Author: | 24 reads

Hear Me

Twilight AU. After a horrific car accident leaves Bella in a catatonic state, she's transferred to Forks Hospital under the care of Carlisle. What happens when Edward is faced with the lifeless girl in the bed and an undeniable pull begins? Can he bring her back from the hold her mind has on her, or will she be forever lost to the abyss? E&B, AU, Canon pairings.



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Author: diva306 | 24 reads

Simply Fate

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Bella is heartbroken and fed up with life and relationships. Alice is willing to open her heart and find love again. When these two have random encounters, will they realize its fate and seize the moment? If so, what lies ahead for them the morning after?

AH, OOC, Fem-slash. Rated M for L & L


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**Simply Fate is beta'd by Serenshadow

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The Past and The Present read Twilight

The past and the present come together to read Twilight. What will the human Edward think of his vampire self. Will Bella like Edward more as a human or vampire? Read and review.

Author: | 24 reads